Waste to Energy

Produce biogas with organic waste and convert it to electricity, heat, biomethane or hydrogen.


Anything you can imagine, just environmentally friendly.

Our solutions have proven themselves hundreds of times and are continuously being further developed. PlanET biogas products have often become benchmarks of biogas technology and are awarded regularly.

  • Biogas

    Do you need Biogas?

  • Organic Waste

    You want to change organic waste into power?

  • Straw

    Straw is a good source of energy. Use it.

  • Renewable Natural Gas

    Biomethane can be used as fuel and injected into the gas network.

  • Slurry & Manure

    Utilization of slurry and manure in agriculture

  • Hydrogen

    The fuel of the future. With us you can make it.

Do you have another substrate and you want to know if you can do anything with it?

Just send us an e-mail message and we will tell you if your substrate can be used to produce biogas, biomethane, electricity, heat or other energies.





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